Chewbacca Ball™

Chewbacca Ball™

Chewbacca Ball™

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Rated the #1 Innovative dog toy by dog owners


Nontoxic Material

The Chewbacca Ball is made from extra tough rubber. It has strong elasticity bite resistant and made from 100% natural rubber. 100% safe for your furry baby to chew on


Smarter Dog/IQ Training

Perfect for fetch and treats. The Chewbacca Ball is design in a way that holds your food and treats keeping your little pup busy for hours. 

Chewbacca Ball will even help improve your dog IQ as they try to maneuver their delicious treats like a puzzle.


Strong & Durable

Chewbacca Ball soft and elastic design can wistands bites up to a 180lb mastiff. Strong enough to not be ripped to shreds, but soft enough to not hurt your pup.


Teeth Cleaning & Plaque Removing

The Chewbacca ball design helps clean your dog teeth and massage their gums. Also getting all the hard places of your dog mouth. Making sure to remove all plaque and left over food.



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What our customers have to say

"OMG This literally made owning my 2 dogs easier. They usually tear up every toy I buy them, but the Chewbacca Ball is so strong and durable they don't leave any tears behind. I also put their favorite treats in the ball which keeps them busy for hours. I wish I found this brand when they were puppies. Would have save alot of money, but truly recommend all dog owners get this if they have a dog that loves to chew". 

Rebecca. M (Chewbacca Ball customer)

"WOW!  so strong . I have a 150lb English Mastiff puppy and he just chews on everything. Clothes, sofa you name it. My friend told me about Chewbacca Ball and how it's like a game for your dog. You put the treats inside the ball and they try to eat them. This ball has been a game changer as my dog loves it, also keeps him busy while we are isolated at home. 

Sophie. H (Chewbacca Ball customer)
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