Adventure Pouch

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Never Miss An Adventure With Your Best Friend!

  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL - Made from breathable mesh and polyester fiber, lightweight and Comfortable,great ideal for outdoor trips, sightseeing, camping hiking and etc

  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS & INTERIOR DRAWSTRING - Adjustable padded straps help to reduce the burden. extra waist strap with buckle keeps the backpack stable. Interior rope with clip can connect to your pet's collar/harness to prevents your pet from jumping out or hurt itself, keeping them more secure

  • PADDING PANELS & REMOVABLE BOTTOM COVER - With EPE foam padded back and sides, reducing the burden and offering more comfort to you and your pet, this rucksack/knapsack help your pet enjoy a nice nap/trip. The removable sturdy bottom cover makes it easier to replace/clean.

  • PEEP HOLE AND MESH POCKETS DESIGN - A drawstring opening neck hole on the top of the backpack to keep your pet stick their head out, make them ventilated and visible, enjoy the entertainment with their host, adjustable hole string and soft mesh padded hole edge to ensure its security and comfort. Mesh side and front pockets help store leash, whistle, water, snacks, treats, and other necessities.

    Breathable Light Material

    The Adventure Pouch® is made from breathable light mesh material to keep your pet cool in any weather! You'll never have to worry about them overheating!

    Adjustable Straps & Clip

    Equip with soft padded straps so you can keep your pet comfortable and secure. It also has a Clip inside, so you can strap in your furry friend to make sure they don't jump out!

    Comfort For You & Your Pet

    With a soft foam back, and adjustable straps, the Adventure Pouch is designed to take the stress OFF your back. It is light, and very easy to carry! So that both you and your friend are comfortable!

    • The Paw Huggies Adventure Pouch Is Perfect For...

    Taking Your New Pup Or Kitty With You Wherever You Go!

    Always take your furry friends on the go wherever you go! 

    Looking Stylish With Your Pets!

    You can always look good with your best pal right by your side and everyone will get a kick out of it!

    Taking Your Furry Friends On Bike Rides!

    The Adventure Pouch is ideal for bike rides with your pets!

    Use It For Any Pet!

    The Adventure Pouch is great for any small to medium sized pet!

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What our customers have to say

"OMG This literally made owning my 2 dogs easier. They usually tear up every toy I buy them, but the Chewbacca Ball is so strong and durable they don't leave any tears behind. I also put their favorite treats in the ball which keeps them busy for hours. I wish I found this brand when they were puppies. Would have save alot of money, but truly recommend all dog owners get this if they have a dog that loves to chew". 

Rebecca. M (Chewbacca Ball customer)

"WOW!  so strong . I have a 150lb English Mastiff puppy and he just chews on everything. Clothes, sofa you name it. My friend told me about Chewbacca Ball and how it's like a game for your dog. You put the treats inside the ball and they try to eat them. This ball has been a game changer as my dog loves it, also keeps him busy while we are isolated at home. 

Sophie. H (Chewbacca Ball customer)
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